Covid-19 Update – July 2020

UPDATE JULY 2020 – the Worth Valley are now preparing to restart passenger services but this will take some time as they have to complete the major bridge replacement project which split the line south of Ingrow and had to be abandoned in March. When services resume, it may well be that compartment carriages have to be used to satisfy social distancing, so our carriages may well be in demand.
At East Lancashire Railway, there is interest in carrying out work on our locos 752 and 19 to provide paid work for their permanent staff, the trustees are in negotiation for this as this may enable restoration to take place earlier than otherwise expected, especially as our funds have not been much affected by the lockdown – unlike most other railway organisations.

UPDATE JUNE 2020 – as many will be aware, restrictions surrounding the outbreak of Covid-19 has caused many railways to close to protect the public, staff and volunteers.
As a result, both the Worth Valley Railway and the East Lancashire Railway have taken the decision to close for the forseeable future. This means that none of our stock is in use or on display, the carriages and Pug 51218 at the Worth Valley Railway and 752 and 19 at the East Lancashire Railway.

Our six-wheelers and the Club Carriage were expected to be in use on the Worth Valley’s six Vintage Train Sundays 7th to 21st June and 5th to 19th July.
These trains have now been cancelled as well as all other events up to November 2020. As and when trains can be operated our website will be updated, you can also refer to the Worth Valley website.

752 (currently as 51456) – most events on the East Lancashire Railway have been cancelled, however it is expected that if the opportunity arises to run short trains, that 752/51456 is likely to be used. Again our website will be updated as necessary, you can also refer to the East Lancs website.